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The benefits of trees in urban environments are extremely valuable, from increased property values, clean air, energy savings, and contributions to general well being. While these trees patiently and tirelessly contribute to make our lives better the urban environments that benefit so greatly from them also create unique challenges. Issues such as urban pollution, confined planting spaces or vertical space conflicts with buildings, overhead wires, vehicles, soil compaction, etc. making it challenging for trees to thrive in urban environments. All trees can benefit from the care of a qualified Arborist, we provide care and or consulting for all ages/sizes of trees.  Please see our services listed below.


Tree School of Utah is dedicated to sustainable arboriculture. Tree trimming is our specialty and structural maintenance is important preventative care for maintaining a healthy tree. Our goal is to assist you with creating or maintaining strong, healthy, sustainable and low maintenance trees in your landscape. Trees with good overall health and a strong structure will benefit you more in the long term with lower overall maintenance costs, enhanced beauty and increased long term environmental benefits.

All pruning work will be completed by ISA Certified Arborist, Cale Berg UT-4168AUM ®  All work will be performed in accordance with ANSI A300 tree care standards and ANSI Z133.1 standards. Tree School of Utah is Licensed and Insured.



Tree School of Utah offers residential consultations. This costs $90 and is a 1 hour 'in person' meeting in which our ISA Certified Arborist will meet with the homeowner(s) at the property to review each tree in the landscape and discuss proper care, needs, etc. Clients have found it extremely beneficial to look at the big picture of the landscape in improving overall plant health, understanding future needs of each tree, and planning future landscape or construction project.

Municipal consultations are also available and are bid based on the scope of the site.


Tree Removals

Urban trees face unique challenges and sometimes despite our best efforts a tree needs to be removed. Perhaps it presents a hazard,  is an invasive species, or was planted in a poor location. Whatever the issue we are happy to have our certified arborist assess the tree and if the best course of action is a removal, we will safely remove and haul. 

Our remove and haul service includes hauling all logs, brush and debris generated from the removal process. Stumps are cut as low and level as is practical. This is generally within 6” of ground level but may be higher if we encounter embedded objects or other obstruction. Stump grinding services are available for an additional fee.



We love wood almost as much as we love trees. In fact as urban arborists it often breaks our heart to see beautiful logs ground into mulch. When time permits we mill wood into live edge slabs and offer these to the public.