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Free Estimate or $90 Consultation

What is the difference between a free estimate and a consultation. Estimates are best for when the homeowner has a direct objective such as remove a dead tree, prune fruit trees, etc. An estimate is free and brief. You can expect the arborist to be at the property for 15-30 minutes at most. A residential consultation cost $90 and includes an in person walking tour of the property. This is a 1 hour 'in person' meeting in which our ISA Certified Arborist will meet with the homeowner(s) at the property to review each tree in the landscape and discuss proper care, needs, etc. Clients have found it extremely beneficial to look at the big picture of the landscape in improving overall plant health, understanding future needs of each tree, and planning future landscape or construction projects


Payment is due upon completion of the job. We ask that someone be available for a final 'walk through' to ensure that we are both satisfied with the completed job. At this time we ask that payment be made with cash, check or credit card.


If you receive a lower price bid for the work, please let us know. We will do our best to match the price of comparable tree services.